Monday, July 14, 2008

Shakespeare's Secret

Shakespeare’s Secret
Elise Broach
ALA Notable book
Interest Level: 10 to 14
CATEGORY: Contemporary Fiction
TYPE: Juvenile Novel
SUMMARY: This is a book about a girl named, Hero, after one of Shakespeare’s characters. Her family has just moved into their new home. The day before she is to start sixth grade she meets her neighbor Marian Roth, an elderly lady that tells Hero about a stolen diamond hidden somewhere in her new home. Hero also becomes friends with the coolest guy in eighth grade, Daniel Cordova. He helps her find the stolen diamond. In their efforts to find the stolen diamond they not only discover possible connections between Shakespeare, Edward de Vere, Queen Elizabeth and Ann Bolryn to the diamonds past but also a connection between Mrs. Roth and Daniel.
Author’s Web site:
About the book:
The Diamond of Drury Lane (Cat Royal) by Julia Golding
The Shakespeare Stealer by Gary Blackwood.
KEYWORDS: mystery, diamond, Hero, Shakespeare, police
This book turned out to be one of the most interesting introductions to Shakespeare. It was wonderful how some of his plays were introduced and quotes were used. Also the poetry used was just enough to get you interested. It also allows one to see that elderly people have so much to offer, that it is okay to make friends with them, they will enjoy the company.

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