Sunday, July 6, 2008

Harvesting Hope The Story of Cesar Chavez

Harvesting Hope The Story of Cesar Chavez
Kathleen Krull
ALA Pura Belpre Honor Book
Interest Level: Elementary
CATEGORY: biography
TYPE: juvenile nonfiction picture book
SUMMARY: This is a story of Cesar Chavez, a civil rights leader, growing up. His family lost the family farm due to a drought. Sending his family to go where ever there is work, living in crowded shacks with other workers. As a migrant worker he along with others endured long hours of hard work for very little pay.
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KEYWORDS: hard work, low pay, fields, civic duty.
Cesar Chavez was a typical migrate worker. He became a very important person when it came to the civil rights of farm workers. Cesar Chavez was a peaceful advocate for the improvements of the lives of migrant works.

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