Friday, July 18, 2008

The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses

The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses
Paul Goble
Caldecott Medal
Interest Level: Elementary
CATEGORY: Juvenile Fiction
TYPE: Multicultural
SUMMARY: This is a story about a young girl who loved horses. She got lost with the horses during a bad storm. Her people searched for her but could not find her. Two hunters eventually found her but they had to fight a stallion in order to return the girl home. Even though she was home she was not happy so she was allowed to return to the wild horses.
About the author:
Interview with author:
Buffalo Woman by Paul Goble
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KEYWORDS: wild horses, storm, girl, stallion, freedom
This is a wonderful book. You can feel the storm, the horses running, her heart beating and the calm after the storm. It explains some of the cultural ideas of the Navaho People, helping one understand the connection to nature.

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