Saturday, June 28, 2008


Arrow to the Sun a Pueblo Indian tale
Gerald McDermott
The Caldecott Medal
Interest Level: Elementary
CATEGORY: Multicultural folk tale
TYPE: Juvenile fiction
SUMMARY: It is about a boy in search of his father. He finds he has to go through some trials to prove he is his son. The boy easily goes through the challenge chambers and is transformed by the power of the sun. The boy returns to the world to be greeted with a great welcoming celebration.
Author’s web site:
About the Author and his books:
MUSICIAN OF THE SUN by Gerald McDermott
Anansi The Spider by Gerald McDermott
KEYWORDS: son, father, arrow, searching, life
This is a great book from the Pueblo Indians. It gives us an opportunity to hear and enjoy some of their stories. Gerald McDermott is a great author of folk tales and he brings his fascinating art work into his books.

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